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#1 British Unsigned Pop Chart 2018

(EGH Radio June, UK)

”Honorable mention” 2016

(Unsigned Only, Nashville)

Challenger for ”Svensktoppen” 2016

(National Swedish Radio top list)

Winner of ”Best Song” 2016

(Akademia Awards)

Gold Medal Swedish Championship in Country Music

(Country SM, Sweden, Pop/Rock Country)

Winner of ”Best Country Song of the year” 2013

(Hollywood Music in Media Awards)


> Desperate Man #1 Unsigned Pop Chart - UK 2018
> Desperate Man #2 Scottish New Music Global Chart - 2018
> Mia video reached 1.000.000+ people on US & New Zeeland TV

> Thousands of people read updates & info
> 25.000+ followers on social media
> 140.000+ views on official YouTube channel
> Medium to Heavy rotation on Swedish radio 2015, 2016 & 2018
> How Did I Get Here reach top 80 on Country Breakout chart 2015

> Mia single up 75 places on US Country Chart 2014 in 5 weeks
> Artist of the week Radio P4 250.000+ listeners 2012


Simon's music is played worldwide on numerous radio stations including both FM and internet stations. He's been on the Nashville Music Row chart twice and been rotated on national Swedish radio for months with different songs. He's been topping various charts in the the UK and is regularly featured on shows in Australia, USA, UK, New Zealand and Italy to name a few.


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